jmeter performance testing course

Free Performance Testing Course with JMeter is Live

Check-out our newly created Free Performance Testing Apache JMeter Testing Course with LoadFocus. In this course we'll discuss about new
data science

What is the Vanishing Gradient Problem?

The Vanishing Gradient Problem appears in Neural Networks when you train a NN using Gradient Descent, the gradients tend to

bind() function in JavaScript

bind() method creates a new function, when called has its this keyword set to the provided value Let's have a

call() function in JavaScript

call() or method calls a function with a given this value and arguments. Let's have a look at an

Cypress vs. TestCafe – Pros and Cons

Creating automated tests for your website, web application or mobile application was never an easy task. Have a look how
software testing

Top 10 Skills you need to be a Good Software Testing Engineer

Been in software testing for more than 10 years now, worked for companies like Adobe, Amazon and other. Here is

TestCafe in 5 minutes

What is TestCafe Tool? TestCafe is a pure Node.js End to End Solution built for testing web apps. It provides