data science

What is the Vanishing Gradient Problem?

The Vanishing Gradient Problem appears in Neural Networks when you train a NN using Gradient Descent, the gradients tend to

bind() function in JavaScript

bind() method creates a new function, when called has its this keyword set to the provided value Let's have a

call() function in JavaScript

call() or method calls a function with a given this value and arguments. Let's have a look at an

Cypress vs. TestCafe – Pros and Cons

Creating automated tests for your website, web application or mobile application was never an easy task. Have a look how
software testing

Top 10 Skills you need to be a Good Software Testing Engineer

Been in software testing for more than 10 years now, worked for companies like Adobe, Amazon and other. Here is

TestCafe in 5 minutes

What is TestCafe Tool? TestCafe is a pure Node.js End to End Solution built for testing web apps. It provides

NodeJS One Line Code Snippets

How to Install NVM (Node Version Manager) curl -o- | bash How to Install Node.js with NVM? nvm install