Free Performance Testing Course with JMeter is Live

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jmeter performance testing course

Check-out our newly created Free Performance Testing Apache JMeter Testing Course with LoadFocus. In this course we’ll discuss about new ways to run Apache JMeter tests in the cloud with thousands of concurrent users from multiple world locations using LoadFocus JMeter Load Testing tool. It’s so easy to run a JMeter load test with LoadFocus,… Read more »

What is the Vanishing Gradient Problem?

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data science

The Vanishing Gradient Problem appears in Neural Networks when you train a NN using Gradient Descent, the gradients tend to get smaller and smaller as we keep on moving backward in a NN. Basically in a Neural Network, after the forward propagation ends, the gradient is not providing meaningful information back to the first layers… Read more »

bind() function in JavaScript

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bind() method creates a new function, when called has its this keyword set to the provided value Let’s have a look at a sample code, on how to use the bind() function: const person = { age: 20, getAge: function() { return this.age; } } const unBoundedGetAge = person.getAge; console.log(unBoundedGetAge()) If we run the code,… Read more »

call() function in JavaScript

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call() or method calls a function with a given this value and arguments. Let’s have a look at an example how to use call() method: function Product(name, price) { = name; this.price = price; } function Food(name, price) {, name, price); this.category = ‘food’; } console.log(new Food(‘cheese’, 5).name); Output: cheese apply() or… Read more »

TestCafe in 5 minutes

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What is TestCafe Tool? TestCafe is a pure Node.js End to End Solution built for testing web apps. It provides all the functionality you need to start the browser, run the tests, collect the results, and debug potential failures in a very easy way. Is TestCafe free? TestCafe framework is open source, hosted on GitHub… Read more »